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2014 - July, Llanbedr is chosen as a possible site for space flights

posted 21 Jul 2014, 02:58 by all staff   [ updated 21 Jul 2014, 02:58 ]

The UK government have stated that they want the UK to be a centre of excellence for space technology and have approached eight sites around the country as possible locations for a space terminal.

Llanbedr is well placed to bid for this as it is coastal with clear flight paths, could expand its runway to accommodate the projected aircraft sizes, is relatively easy to get to, and has acceptable weather patterns.

How this would co-exist with GA (general aviation) is yet to be determined, but our plans are continuing unabated as either way, it is an exciting opportunity for the region and for Fly Llanbedr.  Lots more coverage an comments is available on our Facebook page, and in the general online media.

25th June 2014 - Round Britain Microlight visit

posted 23 Jun 2014, 03:17 by all staff   [ updated 26 Jun 2014, 04:28 ]

Weather diversions earlier in the trip reduced expected arrivals considerably.  We eventually got 17 aircraft visiting us, five a day early, and twelve on the allotted date.  All seemed to enjoy themselves and used the local campsites and hostelries.  We hope that this becomes a regular stopping point on this event.
FLY-UK is a round Britain trip in microlights, supporting charities such as Children with Cancer.
If the weather had been kind to them, in excess of 50 (yes, fifty) aircraft would have visited us at Llanbedr on Wednesday afternoon, staying overnight, and leaving early on Thursday.  Inthe event, it was 17 - still a good turnout, and nice to watch the departures in such close succession.

Before the event, we published the following.

Everyone is welcome to come down to the airfield and watch the arrivals and departures, and hopefully chat to the pilots and other aviation enthusiasts.

The following is taken from an email sent to us, and more information can be found on their web site.

Please follow our progress on the Fly-UK Mapper and Locator. and  It is intended to give you an insight into where each aircraft is and where it is heading on that day and the following day.  This information will change, so be aware that an aircraft coming to you tomorrow may have to change its destination tomorrow morning due to weather or other circumstances.

The website is a bit out of date, but is here 

There is also a charity donation page,   Fly-UK 2014 at

If you do decide to support, mentioning Llanbedr will increase our profile and hopefully allow even better support next year if they decide to return.

ATO approved

posted 14 Jun 2014, 01:53 by all staff

We have been approved as an ATO.  We'd like to thank those at the CAA who were involved in this authorisation for their extremely helpful input.  It was a pleasure to work with people who were happy to provide positive guidance and work with us on this application.

We are now authorised to provide training for PPL and LAPL, along with a couple of other related subjects.  This will all be made available on the web site during June, but training can start from today, so please call up and book lessons or air experience flights.

CAA inspection

posted 29 May 2014, 01:13 by all staff   [ updated 29 May 2014, 01:54 ]

The Civil Aviation Authority inspector visited yesterday (28th May 2014) to review our premises and check our processes and procedures, relating to our Air Training Organisation application.

He gave us a couple of items to look at and review, which we are working on.  He will write up his report and present us with findings within about a week.

Welsh Rally stage

posted 2 May 2014, 01:37 by all staff   [ updated 2 May 2014, 01:38 ]

This weekend (3 May 2014), there is a stage of the Welsh Rally being undertaken on the airfield so it will only be open under very strict PPR.

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