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PPxxR requxxest foxxrm (until 16th August 2016)

Step 1.  Read the PPR document below.   This document has an airfield plate, circuit directions, radio information. disclaimers and landing fees to which you are agreeing when you send in your PxxPR reqxxuest.

Step 2.  Check the calendar
to ensure the airfield is not closed to PxxPRs on your target arrival date.  The calendar can be accessed by choosing the Calendar link on the left of this page. 
If the airfield is marked as CLOSED, or NO ARRIVAL times are noted, it is closed except in very special circumstances.
If it is marked as OPEN with PPR, this means a PPR will be accepted between the stated times, and may possibly be open earlier and later.
Where no opening information is available, arrival is subject to staff availability, but we will do our best to accommodate you.
If we accept a PPR more than a week in advance, it is still possible that events outside our control mean we may have to rescind this acceptance.  We will do our best not to disrupt your plans, but please check NOTAMs in the run up to your intended arrival,

Step 3.  Fill in the form at the bottom of this page and press the SUBMIT button
. You should get an almost instant automated acknowledgement of receipt if you have entered your email address correctly.

Step 4.  Await confirmation email which confirms acceptance (if possible) and includes your arrival instructions.  For days marked on the calendar as "OPEN with PPR", if your movement times are within those shown on the calendar, the automatic response PPR is your acceptance, and is valid using the following arrival information and you do not need to wait for this confirmation.

During FISO hours.
Llanbedr airfield is normally subject to FISO control, Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00 (except bank holidays).  In these times, calls on the airfield frequency should be to Llanbedr Information.You can call 01341 241 356 to get weather and airfield information. 

Outside FISO hours.
Arriving aircraft should be familiar with the process when using a "traffic" RT service and blind call Llanbedr Traffic on 118.925 and make their own decision on runway to use based upon wind direction and any traffic.  Occasionally, Llanbedr Radio is in operation, and will respond as Llanbedr Radio.  On arrival, taxi/backtrack on the runways to the northern end of the airfield and turn right (east) and park on one of the aprons to the north of the two large hangars. Someone will meet you, as we need to unlock the security gate to allow you land side access. You can optionally call 01341 771 771 before departure to get unofficial weather or give an updated ETA.  Leave a message if necessary.

Please will everybody be very considerate with noise abatement procedures and avoid overflying local inhabited areas.



We are strictly PPR as other runway events take place, and we have a security fence with locked gates around the airfield so we must be here to receive and despatch you.  Permission to land and depart from the airfield is given on condition that this is entirely at the risk of the pilot, operator and owner.  Except with prior agreement, there is no RFFS in place.  Operations must be VFR.  You must also check NOTAMs due to the airfield's proximity to danger areas, and its use for aerial and non-aerial activities.

All PPRs and movements will be recorded, and where appropriate or legally required, may be shared with services including the airfield FISO, North Wales Police, UK Border Force, Search and Rescue as appropriate.

Once you have read this document and accept the conditions and charges please fill in the online form below

If for any reason you can not fill in the form, call 01341 241356.  You will probably be asked for registration, type, departure aerodrome, POB, visit date and ETA (local). Leaving a message does not constitute PPR being granted.

We publish arrivals on our public website (aircraft reg, type and departure aerodrome).


Pilots visiting from outside the UK will be required to file a GAR.  It is required for flights within the Common Travel area, European and International flights.  Information regarding this document can be found here:


Aircraft arrivals and handling procedures updated periodically.  Please always check to ensure that you have the current details.  To encourage visitors , we are keeping landing fees low.  We also hope you have an opportunity to take advantage of other local amenities and facilities off the airfield site.

Fly Llanbedr operate land side from Unit 27, where there are toilets, and desks to perform flight planning.

AVGAS is available at most times, and JET-1 is also available with prior notice.

Please keep a good look out and follow normal procedures for landing at a remote airfield, and take good note of the information and warnings in the Airfield Information.



N52 48.67 W004 07.43 LLanbedr, 30ft AMSL, 2nm South of Harlech


Llanbedr Traffic (or advised in NOTAM) 118.925     Valley Radar 125.225 (LARS)


17/35 2286x45 Asphalt Unlicenced (High friction, high tyre wear)

05/23 1282x55 Asphalt Unlicenced

15/33 1319x45 Asphalt Unlicenced

Please note that aircraft should not access the peri-track.  All manoeuvres to be performed on runway and northern apron, backtracking if necessary.

Ops hrs:

Strictly PPR - see online at

Landing fee:       Details provided with PPR.

Hangarage:         Available

Fuel:                   Avgas, Jet-1

Customs:            Nil

Maintenance:      Nil


Owners: Snowdonia Aerospace Centre. GA operated by Fly Llanbedr Limited.  Unlicenced airfield.

Airfield is being developed as a Research, Development and Testing Facility for RPAS and other specialist uses. Airfield occasionally used for non-aviation events.  GA traffic strictly PPR.  All arrivals VFR only, and at pilots' discretion.

Airfield is close to EG D201 Aberporth range.  Aberporth Radar will provide an appropriate service on 119.650. Circuit height 1000ft QFE.  Avoid overflying Llanbedr village. Circuits/directions 17R, 35L, 15R, 33L, 05L, 23L.

Noise abatement procedures:

Avoid overflying local conurbations such as Llanbedr.


Airfield is close to Valley AIAA; Fast jet activity; Risk of birdstrike; TV mast (lit) 1983ft AMSL 336º 13.5nm;  High ground to east within 3nm.  Strong easterly winds give rise to some circuit turbulence.


GA: Fly Llanbedr 01341 771 771, 

Site manager:  01341 241421 Jason Coleman  +44 7920 519 111

Llanbedr Airfield Landing Fees

since 1 April 2014






Single landing





Touch & go





Day pass





Weekend pass





Monthly pass











Year pass











Year pass monthly direct debit or standing order, charged at "month pass" rate for first seven months.

Aircraft and helicopters over 3500 kg price on application.

All prices include VAT where appropriate.

Pilots land strictly at their own risk. 

Services such as hangarage, can be provided at additional charge.

General Information

 Address Llanbedr Airfield, Llanbedr, Gwynedd, LL45 2PX
 Location Four miles south of Harlech on the north end Cardigan Bay
 Max Aircraft Size Capable of handling Business and some Corporate Jet Aircraft
 and unladen wide bodied 4-engine aircraft for maintenance


Payment by cash on arrival, money transfer direct to Fly Llanbedr Limited, in advance, on line or within 24 hours (for customers with a prior arrangement).  Please make payments as requested to avoid late payment charges.  For account queries for landings on non-FISO days, contact Mike Spiers on

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