Christmas quiz 5

This quiz is broken into 8 questions.  Each question has 4 clues with an answer each, and the answers have something in common.  You'll need to write them down, as even when I read through the quiz I had to think about the links carefully, and it was much easier with the possible answers written down.  The correct answers will have some sort of commonality, e.g. they may be different names of the same thing, different things with the same name,homphones, or may be prefixed/preceded/suffixed/followed with/by a common word. Loosely based on LINKEE, but more cryptic.  As an extra challenge, the first letter of the answers spell out a word, which is what I may have been better doing, rather than setting the quiz.

Cherry or sauce.
You'll always find me here at parties.
The only way is .. (the song, not the TV program.) will pimp my ride.
"What about the ...., Margaret?"    "They'll have the same".

Washing up liquid on the top of a Christmas tree,
Goofy Porter on TV, or down with the kids.
80s soul genre, or the new powerhouse.
Human smuggling, or a Renault van.

Bond's negative medical practitioner.
Initially, Britain's train company, connected.

The colour of snow.
A waxy sign of authenticity.
Frank Spencer claims he's one.
Ocean surrounding Burma.

Train stop.
Indicate direction with hand gesture.
.. to the chase.
Concurrent notes not possible in wind or brass.

Fishing, or crude.
Cathedrals define these places.
To inspect a blog, for instance, not to a kill.
Grand velvet, countrywide.

Ms equine quadruped.
Stout ale, or bell boy.
Letters and packages to your door.
All of the train to Georgia, not just h24.

"Here's .... at you, kid".
Miserable and sulky in Bordeaux.
Steel or boiler, or even made by Wedgewood.
Guy, Kim and Anthony, with my little eye.