Welcome to Fly Llanbedr, and Llanbedr Flying Club

General Aviation (GA) is here!  Fly LLanbedr's service includes flight training and other aviation activities, and a social club venue.

We've already had a couple of social meetings which have been well attended.

Follow and 'like' our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FlyLlanbedr where we frequently post up to date and interesting information and photographs.

As well as format flight training, licensed pilots can rent our aircraft, their own aircraft can be stabled here and the runways are awaiting your arrival.  Our air experience flights, which give you an opportunity to experience Snowdonia from the air, whilst taking control of our aircraft are very popular.  Many people book for their own enjoyment or as presents for others, and also our first corporate events have taken place.

As an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), we provide a comprehensive suite of on-site PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) and LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence) training facilities

Fly Llanbedr Limited leases the ground floor of the old control tower at the airfield, and have kick-started a GA facility that has never previously been seen here. Those who visited early in our tenure will have EGOD (the old military international code for the airfield) in their log book.  This is now EGFD, so if you want to add another code to your logbook, please come and see us again.

Llanbedr Flying Club works closely in concert with Fly Llanbedr, in fact so closely that the staff and the buildings are the same.  The flying club embodies the social side of flying, and as with many spectator sports, is open to all, and not just aviators.  Contact us with ideas of what you would like to see us provide, and join us at our meetings.

As a result of other activities on the airfield being developed by Snowdonia Aerospace Centre (the airfield owners) we have several airside improvements.  Avgas and Jet-1 have arrived, and a weekday FISO (Flight Information Service) is currently in place.

In getting the company and club up and running, we prioritised tasks such as obtaining authorisations and making the office habitable.  After preparing the office suite and ensuring that the hangar is safe for resident and visiting aircraft, we started preparing the club area, which includes a cafe and a better view of the airfield.  You will see the fruits of our labour when visiting the first floor of our building, even though it is now run by a separate company so we can concentrate on our specialities and leave them to concentrate on theirs. We must share the credit for this original fit-out with our very helpful volunteers, who spent ages restoring the oak floor area to a lovely finish, painting the whole area, aiding in the kitchen fit-out, and to LAE for lending us a whole host of furniture and other equipment.

The first annual hangar membership went to a Gyrocopter, an unexpected but very welcome addition to our airfield.

PPR is now operated by the airfield owners, and PPR MUST be obtained before arriving as the airfield is used for non-aviation, and closed events. For the non-aviators reading this, PPR means 'prior permission required' as there are very important safety considerations that need to be passed on to visiting pilots. When staffing levels allow, ground/air radio, can be used if we want.

Please keep looking at Facebook and our web site for updates, and please fill in our survey.

We hope to welcome you back again soon.