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With Christmas approaching, there may well be people wanting to buy drones.  These are excellent fun, if operated safely.  Here's a link to some 'safe flying' information.  3dinsider.com/drone-safety-uk/  Have fun!

Back to the story...

Fly LLanbedr's mission was to generate a General Aviation (GA) presence at the airfield.  That goal was achieved, attracting plenty of visitors to the area, along with special events such as the Red Bull hangar stunt and a recent round of a UK air race.  Exciting stuff!

Our main focus was to provide flight training, aircraft rental, and enjoyable air experience flights.  This too, was achieved, as can be seen by the very positive reviews we get on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FlyLlanbedr.

Beyond this, we wanted to develop the airfield as a venue, and to an extent, we have achieved that too.  We took a well worn office building, and transformed it to provide a comfortable viewport onto the airfield.  Our thanks go to the volunteers who helped us achieve such a transformation.  This building became our café and hosted several very interesting social events organised by the social club.

As well as formal flight training, licensed pilots could rent our aircraft, and their own aircraft could be stabled here.

Our air experience flights, which gave you an opportunity to experience Snowdonia from the air, whilst taking control of our aircraft were very popular.  Many people booked for their own enjoyment or as presents for others.

Running an Approved Training Organisation (ATO), providing a comprehensive suite of on-site PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) and LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence) training facilities to such a seasonal customer base with non-seasonal fixed costs proved too much of a financial strain, and so we have suspended flight training from Llanbedr.  Our ATO has now been moved to Blackpool, so a different set of local experiences and views are now available - see www.flightpathblackpool.co.uk

Our aircraft temporarily moved to Halfpenny Green, near Wolverhampton, where it was used by FlightPath Flying Club (www.flightpathuk.co.uk) to do the same job as it was doing at Llanbedr.  It has now been sold, and they are using other similar aircraft.

Please keep looking at our web site for updates.

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